Privacy Policy

Effective date: November 19, 2021

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is an integral part of the Plamfy Terms of Services (the “Agreement”). All the terms used herein are used with the same meanings as the Agreement provides unless otherwise are directly set out hereby.

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is an integral part of the Plamfy Terms of Services (the “Agreement”). All the terms used herein are used with the same meanings as the Agreement provides unless otherwise are directly set out hereby.

Since we use tracking technologies on the Plamfy Website (cookies, etc.), please check our Tracking Technologies Policy, where we also describe the purpose and means we do it with. Whether you have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected].


1.1. According to the Policy herein, we can use your personal information to:

1.2. This Policy is only applicable to the data, which we process. It is not applicable to the activities of companies, which we don't control or possess, or staff that is not subordinated to us. Information, which is available by means of our Application, might have links to 3rd-party websites or applications. Thereby, any data you provide to such websites will fall under their privacy policies.

1.3. Please, make sure to acquaint yourself with the data protection policies of all 3rd-party applications and/or websites you visit. Those websites are responsible for the protection of any information you provide them with. Thus, we can't be disciplined for their unauthorized usage of your personal information.

1.4. All changes to this Policy shall be made and published as outlined in the Agreement. A notification regarding changes may be rendered to you by publishing on the Plamfy Website.


2.1. We may process the login details you provide. Login details may involve: your full name, the Account Photo, nickname, ID, emails, birthdate, gender, city of residence, region, country, and also your social media user credentials. You are the data source. Login details are necessary for you to have access to the Service and to use it. Your consent to processing personal data, as well as the execution of a contract between us, and/or taking measures, as per your request to conclude such a contract, constitute the legal background for such processing.

2.2. We may process your software or PC data. All personal information, which is sent by default by User’s installed software, including without limitation: IP-address of the User, files content of cookies, personal information, which is conveyed by the browser or different software allowing you to have access to our Service, and also, time/date and the URL of your requested page, an ID of your digital wallet, CSP name, exact time/date of the sent SMS-message, as well as it's content. When you purchase products or/and services from us, we might collect your name and surname, a partial number of your credit card, and/or other payment details. Your consent and contract performance between us and/or taking measures, as per your request, to conclude such a contract, constitute the legal bases for such data processing. We put all commercially reasonable efforts to be convinced that the number of your credit card and other payment details is kept highly confidential through the use of only those third-party billing services, which meet GDPR and have branch standard encryption technology for your credit card number protection from unauthorized usage.

2.4. We may process the communication data of yours. Communication data may be defined as any information, which is stored or related to messages you send to us or generate by means of the Application herein. Communication data consists of: 1) All the requests, messages, and/or other correspondence with our Customer Support that may take place by emails, support tickets, in the course of a dispute review process, or using other means of communication; 2) All your correspondence and enclosure or other data, which is generated mainly by your communications with other Users; Communication data can consist of a full name, nickname, email, and IP address, avatar, video and audio files, and for manual ID verification: User’s photo, User’s personal ID photo, as well as the photo of the utility bill of the User or associated document. Also, our system can take screenshots of your correspondence with other Users in random order. The reasons for processing your communication data may be for communicating with you or/and keeping records to investigate and settle disputes, keep from wrongdoing and abominable behavior, provide better service to our customers and make improvements to our Application. Our lawful interests constitute the legal background for such processing, particularly, proper administration of the Service herein, as well as our business, prevention of amoral and/or disorderly conduct.

2.5. Your notification data may be processed. Notification data means the information provided by you in order to subscribe to our SMS or email notifications and/or newsletters. The following may be included in the notification data: your email, full name, and username, phone number. We process the notification data to send you the newsletters and/or due notifications. Your consent constitutes the legal background for this processing. To unsubscribe anytime, you can follow the unsubscribe link in the email, uncheck the checkbox in the Profile Settings or contact us.

2.6. Your personal information may be processed when required for the establishment, defense, or exercise of lawful claims, be it during legal procedures or outside the legal proceedings. It may refer to the use of information for statutory compliance, safety management, and inspection, litigation, or pre-litigation. You give consent for using your personal information as evidence that you actually used our Application in the event, we have a controversy with the User. The legitimate grounds for such processing are our legal interests, particularly the assertion and defense of our legitimate rights, your legitimate rights, as well as the legitimate rights of others.

2.7. Complementary to the particular purposes, which are outlined hereof, and in respect of which we might process your information, the other reasons for our processing of your information are aimed to protect fundamental interests of yours or of another physical person. The validity of the personal information, which you provide, is not determined by the company. We expect you to deliver accurate personal information, so we maintain it current. Please make sure not to provide us with any non-mandatory personal information.


3.1. Several Users often choose to supply openly personal or sensitive information while using our Application. It happens when optional fields in the profile are used, during communications in chats, or when a conversation was changed from private to public. Such information that is posted of your free will in the Application sections visible to the public is treated as public, even though it is in its essence private or sensitive. When publicly posting information of this kind on your accord, it indicates that you have no longer privacy rights for it

3.2. Please, note that if you select to provide identifiable information when using specific public functions of the Application herein, this information might be used or disclosed by individuals, who read it, to 3rd parties without our control or your awareness of it, as well as search engines might index such information. For this reason, we prompt you to give it a second thought before including any peculiar information you might consider as private, which is either created by you or submitted via our Application.


4.1. Expect in accordance with the law, the Company takes on the obligation not to sell, lease out, exchange, or otherwise share personal information of Users to 3rd parties unless explicit consent is obtained from the Users. The following circumstances empower us to provide 3rd parties with access to the User’s personal information:

4.2. To work on email campaigns, business intelligence, and behavior statistics, we make use of the service called “Google Analytics”, which is provided by Google LLC and is situated in the US. Among the information, which we supply to Google Analytics, there is your IP address, as well as data used by Google Analytics for gathering information about the Application usage by you.

4.3. Together with certain disclosures of personal information described herein, your information might also be disclosed:


5.1. 3rd-party websites might have links to the Application herein. We apply all commercially reasonable efforts for verifying that they have no connection to any illegal activities and meet GDPR. Still, we can’t control such websites, and they come under this Privacy Policy. It is likely, though, that they have their own terms conditions of use and notices of privacy practices. We are not responsible for such websites. You acknowledge and agree that accessing ad using such websites is only at your risk. You are responsible for checking the notices of privacy practices of such websites to understand in what way they handle your personal data.


6.1. Although the Application herein is not for the use by people younger than 18, we understand that children can make an effort to access it. Personal information is collected from the children younger than 18 unintentionally, and we take every measure to prevent such access to the Application herein by people of the age limit mentioned above. In case you are a guardian or a parent and think that your child may be using the Application herein, please, contact us. Prior to deleting any data, we can request a proof of identity to avid the felonious deletion of the account details. In case we find out that children use our Application, their information will be removed with reasonable expediency. You acknowledge and agree that Users’ ID information is accepted “AS IS” for verifying their age – we are not liable in case the information is misleading.


7.1. We have authority to examine complaints or violations reported to us, as well as to take measures we consider as expedient, including, reporting suspected illegal activities to enforcement, regulatory bodies, or other 3rd parties and disclosing the information, which is required to such people or bodies in relation to your profile, email, history of use, materials posted, traffic details, and IP addresses.


8.1. Your information is initially stored within the EEA (European Economic Area). Some service functions and requirements include, though, sending your data to 3rd-party service providers, which are beyond the EEA. All such service providers are described in the 4th para. above. Unless the above-mentioned service providers are introduced in a country guaranteeing a proper protection level as defined by Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the transfers in question will be subject to the standard data security clauses.


9.1. Personal information, which we process for any purpose, will not be stored for a longer time than is required for this purpose.

9.2. Users can request the removal of their account via our Service.

9.3. We will store and remove your personal information for the users who have removed their account:

9.4. In certain instances, we are not able to specify beforehand the time periods during which your personal information will be kept. In such instances, the period of retention is determined according to the time period during which having access to the data is essential to us for providing services, getting payment, addressing customer support matters, other issues, or in the event of other legal or auditing reasons.

9.5. In spite of other provisions hereof, we might hold your personal information for a rational time period, and when such storing is needed to meet a legal foundation, we are subject to, for protecting your fundamental interests or the fundamental interests of another physical person.


10.1. Here we summarize the basic rights you have pursuant to data protection law. Several rights happen to be complex and can include limitations based on the warrants of law for information processing, and several details are not included in the summary. Respectively, you are advised to read the corresponding directories and laws from the oversight bodies to find a complete explanation of such rights.

10.2. Below are your basic rights according to data protection law:

10.3. Without prejudice to the abovementioned, in case of justified doubts regarding the user identity, who exercises his/her rights described in the 10th para., or if we consider it necessary because of security reasons, we might request such a user to provide extra information, and be it further, take all rational measures required to prove the user identity.

10.4. You can enforce your rights in connection with your personal information by means of contacting Customer Support. Regarding the “Right to erasure”, via our Service, users also can request their account to be deleted.


11.1. This is our Customer Support’s email address:[email protected].

11.2. In case you have questions referring to the Privacy Policy herein, our data acquisition practices, and/or your rights, please get in touch with our Customer Support.

11.3. Controller of your data is Plamfy LTD (79 Spyrou Kyprianou Ave, Protopapas Bldg, 2nd floor, office 201, 3076 Limassol, Republic of Cyprus, registration number: HE424172).